Alzheimers America would like to thank Kimberly R. Kelly the founder and executive director of the national law enforcement educational program for Alzheimers disease.
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Alzheimer’s Plain Talk & Alzheimer’s Wandering DVD by
Kimberly R. Kelly

Kimberly R. Kelly has recorded the DVD Alzheimer’s Wandering. This DVD introduces the viewer to the Alzheimer’s disease, with particular attention to the needs of family members with an Alzheimer’s loved one. This DVD is available through this website for the Internet price of $24.99.

Kimberly R. Kelly is the founder and executive director of the national law enforcement educational program Project Far From Home. This program is designed to teach State and Local law enforcement officers, as well as their search and rescue teams about missing at risk Alzheimer's and dementia subjects.

Kimberly R. Kelly has been a lecturer and teacher giving instruction for more than a decade traveling extensively throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California, as well as providing phone support to search and rescue teams, and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

The Alzheimer's Association chapter of the Northwest region that includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alzheimer’s affiliated chapters – they have been using the "Missing At Risk: Understanding and Managing the Search for the Missing at Risk Alzheimer's, and Related Disorder, Wanderer" program since 1999. Law enforcement agencies throughout the Pacific Northwest have used the program to train its law enforcement officers, code enforcement officers, dispatchers, animal control officers, fire departments, search and rescue teams, and other rescue/public safety agencies. The United States Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue Teams (BORSTAR) in San Diego and El Paso, Texas have used this program for its BORSTAR agents since 1999. Additionally the program has been presented at Search And Rescue City in Barstow continuously since 1996 and at the California Reserve Peace Officers Association (CRPOA)'s annual ARPOC conference from 1999 to 2005, always ranking among its top attended classes.

Kimberly R. Kelly served as a reserve deputy and Search And Rescue volunteer with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department from 1994 until retiring in November, 2007. She served in the Mounted unit, Training unit, and the Underwater Search and Recovery Unit, as well as formerly certified as a technical rescue specialist and medical unit support personnel. She was recognized as Reserve Deputy of the Year, with Letters of Commendation, and a Distinguished Service Medal.

Kimberly R. Kelly continues her fieldwork today with 1SRG. 1SRG is an international response search and rescue unit that delivers services and training which enable local resources to respond to incidents without external support. 1SRG is the only non-governmental organization in the United States providing this service. The team is entirely composed of volunteer professionals and is available upon request to help anywhere in the world.

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